2018 Preseason P5 Player Ratings Database

By request, we are offering early access to the complete 2018 preseason P5 player ratings database. $25 Patrons can now download the complete database in Excel format, which includes:

  • Full VGR+ player ratings for more than 4,400 players - an average of over 65 per program. VGR+ ratings account for a player's individual talent projection, experience, and production using our original formula
  • Along with an overall player rating, each entry also includes sortable columns with valuable information: height, weight, class, recruiting rating and career games played. 
  • The database also includes career production points, which uses predetermined values for statistical benchmarks and individual awards, as well as raw VGR, which accounts for a player's talent projection weighted by experience. 
  • Additionally, the player ratings database already includes individual sheets sorted by position (QB, RB, REC, OL, DL, LB & DB), as well as conference (SEC, Pac-12, Big 12, Big Ten, ACC & Notre Dame). 

CFB Winning Edge has posted full team profilesfor SEC & Pac-12 programs, as well as Notre Dame, free for a limited time. After July 31, all 130 FBS programs team profiles, as well as a wide range of databases and in-depth articles, will be available only to Patreon supporters.

By pledging $25 for early access to the 2018 Preseason P5 Player Ratings Database, you will have full access to CFB Winning Edge content in Tiers 1-3, as it is available.

Thank you for your support of CFB Winning Edge.