2019 Head Coach Ratings

CFB Winning Edge individual head coach ratings take several statistical factors into account, including career winning percentage and championships won, weighted so that accomplishments from the past 3-5 seasons count most, as well won-loss performance against teams with more and less talent (over performance vs. more talented teams and/or under performance vs. less talented teams).

Our head coach are updated throughout each season, and those updates include Team Performance for the current year. We grade the performance of every FBS team in every game based on a specific set of analytical, statistical factors including net yards per play, net points per possession, turnover margin, and much more. Past Team Performance ratings are folded into coach ratings as well.

Head coach ratings are also factored into our overall team strength ratings, which form the foundation of our weekly computer projections and final score predictions.

2019 FBS Head Coach Ratings as of Monday March 4, 2019: