2018 Team Strength Power Rankings

At CFB Winning Edge, we have prepared for the 2018 college football season by calculating a specific rating for every FBS player called VGR+, or Video Game Rating Plus, which accounts for a player’s talent, experience and production. We have built upon those ratings to create position and unit rankings, using wVGR+ (or weighted VGR+ - think “roster strength”), which places a higher emphasis on starters. We’ve also assigned each head coach an overall rating based on a variety of statistics (and like VGR+, coach ratings are not opinion based), including our individual game team performance ratings.

The individual player ratings, position and unit rankings, and coach ratings all combine to create our overall team strength rating - our primary team rating (think “power rankings” or “power poll”) used in our preseason and weekly computer projections, as well as our weekly final score predictions - for all 130 FBS teams. All ratings and rankings are updated on a weekly basis.

Team Strength Ratings as of Wednesday Dec. 5, 2018.