Introducing CFB Winning Edge

With fall camp inching closer across the country, and as we prepare for the 2018 college football season, we introduce CFB Winning Edge.

Looking ahead to the 2018 college football season, we are in that awkward period between off-season and pre-season. Spring practice has come and gone, and fall camp is on the horizon. 

Though football is the most popular sport in the United States by a wide margin, there are far fewer actual games compared to basketball, baseball and soccer, among others. As a result, football fans have a long waiting period between matchups, and a large amount of time to kill waiting for a weekend kickoff. This extra time has bred an ever-increasing industry in which media outlets cover every topic related to professional and college football teams, both on and off the field, year-round. 

Naturally, one of the most popular areas of discussion centers on team rankings, pre-season projections and individual game predictions. Everyone has an opinion, and debate rages on talk radio and social media 365 days per year.

Football also creates a unique opportunity for its analysts because the sport allows the greatest amount of time to prepare for the smallest number of games. In theory, a longer prep time should lead to more accurate forecasts of teams, players and coaches. However, that is rarely the case. Some analysts focus on stats or scouting alone, but creating accurate college football projections and predictions involves both art and science – and lots of hard work. 

CFB Winning Edge is where college football statistical analysis and film study comes together.

As we’ve prepared to launch CFB Winning Edge, our team has spent months compiling an incredible amount of data. We have crunched the numbers and reviewed the scouting reports. We have analyzed recruiting info and sketched updated depth charts based on lost contributors and returning experience and production. Our team has studied offensive and defensive schematic changes and strength of schedule metrics. We’ve watched and re-watched countless games from the 2017 college football season, and have taken copious notes on the smallest details of every matchup. We’ve built models and graphs utilizing our coach and player ratings, national and conference-specific position-by-position power rankings, and have written team profiles on all 130 FBS programs to prepare for 2018. And our work continues.

Simply, we put in the work so you don’t have to. 

This fall, CFB Winning Edge content will only be available only to Patreon supporters. Depending on their desired level of funding, our supporters will have access to our treasure trove of data, insights and analysis, including:

  • Password-protected access to, as well as a weekly email newsletter, including in-depth articles and weekly previews for every FBS vs. FBS matchup (Tier 1)
  • Complete pre-season projections and team profiles for all 130 FBS teams, incorporating specific ratings for every player, head coach and coordinator to develop projected win totals, conference standings, and College Football Playoff participants (Tier 1)
  • Position-by-position power rankings for every unit, both nationally and on a conference-specific basis
  • Our Coaches Database, which contains relevant team performance statistics and evaluation for every head coach (Tiers 1, 2 & 3)
  • Our 2018 Game-by-Game Database, which features sortable play-by-play data, weather and travel information, ATS analysis and game performance ratings for every FBS vs. FBS matchup throughout the season (Tiers 1, 2, 3 & 4)
  • Premium access to any and all available video and audio content, as well as weekly Q&A sessions with our team of experts (Tiers 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5)

It’s also important to note what CFB Winning Edge will not do. We pledge our content will:

  • Always be completely ad-free, and we will earn funds only through our Patreon supporters
  • Never rely on “hot takes” or “click bait;” because we rely solely on our Patreon supporters, we have no need or desire to sensationalize our picks
  • Not attempt to break news, or aggregate news from other outlets; we are talent evaluators and statistical analysts, not reporters or journalists
  • Stick to sports; we leave politics to the political pundits
  • Be free from bias and never attempt to fit a particular narrative; yes, our team members will share opinions, but we are able to put aside personal loyalties in favor of honest evaluation and in-depth analysis 

CFB Winning Edge will begin a soft launch period July 1, and will offer free samples of each content area until moving to a password-protected model July 31. All content will be available to Patreon supporters in the pre-season and will be updated on a weekly basis throughout the 2018 campaign, and as soon as possible in the off-season.

We welcome your support to help cover the costs of website design, maintenance and various business expenses related to site startup. Our first fundraising goal is just $250 per month to establish the site for the 2018 college football season. The next objective will be to raise funds to boost our team of contributing experts and hire full-time, salaried staff members to maintain the site for the long run.

With your support, we will make CFB Winning Edge the elite college football destination for fans who crave the most in-depth, complete, and accurate team, player and coaches ratings, rankings, previews, projections and predictions for the 2018 college football season and beyond.

Follow us on Twitter @CFBWinningEdge. Interested in joining our team of experts? Email