CFB Winning Edge team, coach, player and position/unit power rankings combine a variety of analytical factors to produce both national and conference-by-conference ratings. It's important to note these rankings are based on talent ratings, experience and production - and not opinion. We use these rankings in our annual projections and weekly predictions. 

Team Rankings

Our primary team power rankings. All 130 FBS teams, ranked based on talent, experience, production & coaching.


Coach Rankings

Our primary head coach power rankings. All 130 FBS head coaches, ranked based on a variety of analytical factors.

Team Performance

A major factor in our coach rankings, we grade the individual game performance for every game for all 130 FBS teams using a specific set of analytical, statistical factors. 

Player Rankings

Using VGR+, or Video Game Rating Plus, we rank players from all 130 FBS teams based on talent, experience & production. 


Position & Unit Rankings

Using wVGR+, or weighted Video Game Rating Plus, we rank every FBS position group1-130, & by conference: